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Direct thermal labels
Direct thermal labels

What are direct thermal labels?

Direct thermal labels are designed to react to heat. They come into direct contact with the print-head (through the thermal label printer) which heats up and reacts with the surface of the thermal label to create the print. The nature of this material means it is ideal for short-term print solutions. Examples of direct thermal label applications include:

  • Dispatch
  • Box end
For more information on the difference between direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels, see direct thermal vs thermal transfer.

Direct thermal labels - design service

Infalabel Ltd can:

  • design and print your direct thermal labels for you
  • part-print your direct thermal labels for you to overprint afterwards
  • supply plain direct thermal labels on the roll.

Direct thermal labels, and thermal tags are available in a wide range of sizes and quantities and can be printed with a permanent, removable, or freezer adhesive.

Buying your direct thermal labels

Our friendly and experienced team will be able to recommend the most suitable type of thermal label for your specific requirements. We can advise you at each stage of the process, from helping with the initial label design, to delivering the finished product. Please telephone us on: 01902 635 106, or request a call-back.