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We've been providing labelling solutions to UK businesses since 1995.

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Bespoke label design

Our team can guide you through each step of the label design and printing process and will work with you to create a label that's tailor made for your business needs.

Direct thermal labels

Direct thermal labels are designed to react to heat. They come into direct contact with the print-head (through the thermal label printer) which heats up and reacts with the surface of the thermal label to create the print. The nature of this material means it is ideal for short-term print solutions. Examples of direct thermal label applications include: barcoding, batch numbering, and stock taking.

Thermal transfer labels

Thermal transfer labels are robust and can be used in environments where there is likely to be exposure to sunlight, heat, and chemicals. They do not scratch as easily as direct thermal labels.

We also supply thermal transfer ribbons.

Meto Price Gun Labels

We supply a wide range of pre-printed and plain price gun labels, as well as pricing guns and ink rollers.

Why not add your own logo or wording to your pricing labels to promote your products and brand identity?

Barcode labels

Barcodes have a multitude of uses and are used across a range of industries. They are commonly used for:

  • batch identification 

  • marking retail goods

  • indicating serial numbers (for example in food manufacturing)

  • scanning trade items

Laser labels

We supply a wide range of laser label sizes and colours suitable for laser printers, inkjet, and copier printers.

Each box contains 200 laser label sheets and can be supplied with a permanent, removable, or freezer adhesive to suit your needs.

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